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Work Environments

Welfare Measures for Employees


   Labor insurance, health insurance and group insurance

Leave Management System

   Annual leave (three days of annual leave after six months on the date of employment, and seven days of annual leave

    after twelve months on the date of employment)

   Maternity leave / paternity leave

   Marriage leave, bereavement leave, menstrual leave and family care leave

Cash Gift / Bonus

   Holiday bonuses

   Birthday cash gift and birthday offers

   Wedding cash gift

   Hospitalization benefit

   Emergency benefit

   Funeral benefit


  Maternity allowance

   Travel allowance

   Regular health checks

   Year-end event

   Provision of motorcycle and car parking space

   Occasional departmental activities

   Recognition of senior employees

   Special discounts for contract manufacturers

The implementation status is as follows:

1.  Due to the COVID-19, the annual health-check for employees has been postponed to 2022.
2.  Holiday bonuses, the birthday cash gift, birthday offers, wedding cash gift, hospitalization benefits, emergency benefits,

     funeral benefits and the maternity allowance have all been paid according to the schedule or by application.

Retirement System

         To ensure post-retirement quality of life for employees, labor pensions are provided under the new system or the old system.

         The Old Pension System

         For applicable employees under the old system, the Pension Supervisory Committee of the Company supervises and

         deposits 2% of the monthly salary to the labor retirement reserve account each month. The Bank of Taiwan handles

         the deposit, expense, safeguard and use of such funds.

         The New Pension System

         For applicable employees under the new system, the employer contributes pension no less than 6% of the monthly salary,

         and deposits in the individual labor pension account in accordance with the Monthly Contribution Classification of Labor

         Pension approved by the Executive Yuan.

 Pension Payment

         For employees who meet the requirement of retirement and are subject to the Labor Standards Act, pensions are distributed

         in accordance with Article 66 of the Labor Standards Act. For individuals who are subject to the Labor Pension Act, they

         can apply for the labor pension from the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

 Oversight Board for Pension

         The Oversight Board is composed of representatives elected by employees and employers respectively. Each term is 4 years,

         and representatives are re-elected upon expiration of the term in accordance with the law. When an employee is eligible for

         retirement, he/she can submit an application. The personnel department will review the relevant materials before submitting

         it to the Oversight Board. After the resolution is passed, the application will be sent to the relevant department for further


 Implementation Status

         For employees who are eligible to apply for retirement and have sent the application according to regulations of

         the Company in 2021, their pensions have been distributed.


Work Environment and Measures of Employee Safety Protection

         (1) The Company holds annual safety training on the use of equipment, lectures, and fire drills for all employees.

         (2) All new employees are given training sessions on labor safety.

         (3) The Company entrusts a professional organization to conduct annual testing of organic solvents, exhaust,

               drainage, heavy metals, etc. Protective measures are taken, and improvements will be made if testing results exceed

               regulatory standards.

         (4) In accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Act, a labor safety committee and specialists are set to monitor

               and conduct safety inspections and improve the working environment regularly. At the same time, staff are selected

               to receiving training sessions regularly.

         (5) Regular medical examinations are conducted for employees. For employees who work in special environments,

                special medical examinations are conducted so that employees can keep track of their health status.

         (6) The Company regularly entrusts qualified agencies to conduct professional tests on working environments,

                and abnormalities are improved in time.

         (7) Through systematic implement  ation and regular audits, the Company can ensure safety and protection of working



    The implementation situation is as follows.





 (not including online courses)

(not including foreign subsidiaries)

Safety and Health Training

382 hours / 4,585 people

23 hours / 4 people

Fire Drills



Human Rights Policy


In order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and protect basic human rights of all employees, Cosmo obeys the RBA

principles. We support and respect Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations Guiding Principles on

Business and Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact, International Labor Organization and other international

covenants on human rights. We will not commit any human rights violations or infringements, and will treat

all employees with fairness and respect. Our Human Rights Policy is applied to the Company and each operating location.

In addition, Cosmo complies with laws and regulations on labor and gender equality in local places, establishes human

rights protection and labor policies, and implements relevant measures. The Human Rights Policy is described as follows:


   Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity

        Cosmo provides employees with a gender-balanced and diversified workplace, upholds the principle of openness

        and fairness, and does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, physical or mental disability, race, religion,

        political inclination or maternity. We aim to eliminate all forms of forced labor, eliminate discrimination in employment

        and occupation, prohibit harassment, respect privacy, and strive to create a working environment of equal opportunity,

        dignity, safety, equality and freedom from discrimination.

  No Child Labor

        Comply with the local laws and regulations of minimum age and do not employ child labor.

  Meet Minimum Wage

        Cosmo provides employees with wages and benefits which meet or exceed the minimum wage required by local laws

        and regulations.

  Reasonable Working Hours

        The working hours will not exceed the maximum required by local laws and regulations, and the attendance of employees

        will be regularly cared and managed.

  Safe Workplace

        The Company attaches great importance on workplace safety and hygiene. We expect our employees to work in a healthy,

        safe and caring environment and have a healthy body and mind at the same time. Each site of Cosmo aims to create a safe

        and healthy workplace with zero occupational accidents.

  Collective Bargaining

        Labor-management meetings are regularly held, which provide employees with multiple communication channels

        and announce polies, systems, welfare measures and other activities of the Company. Meanwhile, it allows employees

        to fully express their views and provide their timely responses and assistance in order to achieve the communication

        and effective problem solving and create a happy enterprise together.






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