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The circuit consists of 4 photo detectors, 2 current comparators and 2 latches. The 4 photo detectors are spaced in fixed distance such that they can be controlled to a light period or dark period. The photo detectors transfer light into current, then the current comparators generate the results to the latches. If the comparator output is “larger than”, the latch output is in set state. Otherwise the latch output is in reset state.
Model Number Forward voltage Typ. (Vf) Reverse voltage Min. (Vr) Radiated output power Min. Pu (mw) Spectrum width of half value Dl (mw) Wave length lp(mw)
PS202L-1 1.25 5 0.4 50 940
Internal connection Function
PIN1 +   PIN2 NC   PIN3 -   PIN4 NC
Model Numbers Supply voltage Min. (Vcc) Supply voltage Typ. (Icc) Output current (Ioh,Iol) Operating temperature (Topr) Storage temperature (Tstr)
PS201L-2V-1 2 0.1uA -450uA,2.5mA -20 ~ +75°C -20 ~ +80°C
PS201LL-2 3 0.2uA -450uA,2.5mA -20 ~ +75°C -20 ~ +80°C
Internal connection Function
PIN1 Gnd   PIN2 Vcc   PIN3 Out-A   PIN4 OUT-B

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