Photo coupler is a combination of a light-emitting element and a receiver element. It is an ideal insulator through the transmission of light to achieve conduction. The three fundamental functions are: coupling signal and power, isolation and insulation. Such as power supplies, chargers and industrial control equipment. Product types include photo transistor, high-speed and drive photo couplers, etc.


Model IF(mA) VCEO(V) IC(mA) Viso (Vrms) VF(V) CTR% VCE(sat)(V) Max. tr (us) Typ. tf (us) Typ.
KP4040 50 300 150 5000 1.4 600 ~ 9000 1.5 60 50
KPC845 50 35 80 5000 1.4 Min.600 1 5 60


Type Model Catalog UL CUL VDE FIMKO
16PIN KP4040
16PIN KPC845