Since the establishment in 1981
Cosmo Electronics Corporation has become world's leading manufacturers in the field of Photo Couplers and Relay.

In beginning, we were dedicated the innovation of developing lead-edge products of RELAY .
In terms of new technologies launched to market day by day, we had decided to involve the field of OPTO electronics device for two product lines, Photo Couper and SSR-MOSFET output. Those two product lines could be fulfill demands came from market for Power supply 、Battery Management System、Industrial、Security and Automobile related.



Cosmo is recognized as global leading company in OPTO
Professional techniques
and comprehensive service.

For past 40 years, through its relentless devotion to research and development, keep providing professional techniques and comprehensive service to customer. Cosmo is recognized as global leading company in OPTO electronics industry and reliable to all customers worldwide. 

In Order to meet the customer's needs, Cosmo is preparing to enter the field of producing diode electronics component.(Automotive electronics And Consumer electronics)


Reliable to all customers worldwide.
Our products divided into four major categories as below:
  • Photo Coupler
  • Solid State Relay-MOSFET output
  • Reed Relay
  • Solid State Relay
  • Diode